Sunday, March 15, 2009


So I said I was going to type something here. Like, I don't know, words of some sort pertaining to this game I usually play. Lately I've been busy. Let's start up them excuses.

Work: I teach kids, and recently I've been enlisted as the go-to guy when it comes to the young, new recruits. We teach all ages at my tutoring center, but only a few of the several tutors we have can handle the bouncy, undisciplined younglings that tend to not want to do anything educational. In the last few weeks we just got a parliament of new owls (what we call them, our mascot's an owl, so in following, so are the kids) under the age of 12, so now I work quite a bit of hours.

Outings: I have gone out almost every night for the past 3 weeks. No offense, you WoWers out there who know me and play alongside with me, but if I had the distinct choice of going out or playing WoW, I go out. I'm a shatbag, I know.

WoW: Who dropped $20 about 2 weeks ago for the arena realms? ME. Blizz gets me fully tricked out in 25-T7 or Deadly gear, blue gems and high-end enchants galore, weapons I've never seen anyone have on the live realms, as well as the Amani War Bear as my default mount, all in the hopes that through $20, my would-be talent as a PvPer would shine so that they may reward me with up to $75,000 should I come out a golden god of arenas. Thus far, these are my woes:

Made a Warlock, realized I suck at Arena at my own class. Reconsider talent builds in the future on the live server. Started making a bunch of other classes I've always wanted to try at 80.

Pally: It's about as brainless at DPS could get. Holy, IMO, way too OP.

Rogue: Movement is my one true friend. That class is tough to perfect but easy to be an idiot at. Goooo Mutilate!

Mage: Too many abilities.

Shammy: Too many totems AND abilities.

No. Just no.

Death Knight:
Didn't get it when I made one, don't get it now. A melee warlock with a pretty sweet grab. That's all I can surmise.

Everyone's going Disc, but I'm having a hard time figuring it out.

Druid: I think I was more entertained that my AP was so high in feral and I looked so damn cute dancing in different forms. Resto? I'll leave the HoTs to my buddy, Joseph.

Hunter: Strafe, shoot, strafe, shoot, strafe. The one class I promised myself I'd never play because I always thought it was so OP and cheap, I'm actually having the most fun at.

Pretty much my entire guild has joined the arena servers, and I'm currently running three 3v3 teams.

On a more different note, on the live servers my three-guild accordance, with Hand of Doom and From the Ashes, has been making small steps to finishing Naxx progression, but because of everyone's schedule we've been having a hard time getting all of us together; the last two weeks we haven't been able to really get it down where all the organizers are present. Hopefully this week will be different.

OH! ALSO! I'm currently writing for the recently opened Blizzard Writing Contest! I'm taking my Hillsbrad idea to the Loremasters themselves, hoping I've got a shot at the trip to Blizz and Frostmourne. Once I've finished, I'll put a small preview of it here, then when I hear how I did in the contest, I'll post the full story. Wish me luck! :D

Once the story's done I'll be updating a bit more. Omg Frostmourne.

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