Friday, March 27, 2009

OS: No, Mister Dragon, You Can Not Has Wipe


Almost my first 10-OS without one death, but definitely my first 10-OS without a wipe. Way to stay alive there, Squarepant. Trump it to a druid healer to leave the MT last man standing.

We had the dance down: an "IN MELEE" on /rw and we were in, an "OUT RANGED" and out we went. I worked on elementals, how I died was because the back group started getting spliced where OT was trying to grab elementals, but the ones I aggroed kept getting less and less interested in him. I like the left side of the back of the island where I can keep an eye on the melee wave and be right where I need to be for the range wave. The OT was pulling to the right and center of the back when elementals came, so that's where the splice started. It took about three of the fire buttholes to start to be distracting enough that I didn't see melee wave and I did some lava swimming. came out, only took one AOE for an elemental to one shot me around 20% left on Sarth.

I wish I was faster with screenshot, Squarepant had only 42HP when the dragon fell down and then his HP started coming back. Great job everyone!

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Hydra said...

I loooooove raids like that. Where everyone had to pull together and you had JUST enough to kill the boss. Kind of like a "I meant to do that! *shifty eyes*" kill. Congrats!