Sunday, May 31, 2009

I'm a WoW Pack Rat

I have problems collecting stuff in the game.

I still have the faded picture of Linken and his girl. I've been exalted with the Argent Dawn, but I still carry the commission. I have copies of each one of the gold coins in my bank. I have around 1300+ copper bars. I only recently had to give up my tier 4 set to get more bank space, and I have all 7 bank slots bought with 20-slot bags in each. I just converted my DK into a completely exclusive and professional bank toon, with two guild bank tabs.

And I still have overhead. Across the board. Oath, 5 alts, and a bank toon. All bank slots bought on each, 16-slot bags or bigger in all slots. THERE'S STILL SO MUCH CRAP.

I have a problem. I do my best to sell things I don't need.

They should have a WoW Storage Center. A place where, for gold a month, will just hold my crap. Or allow me to have a house somewhere in Eversong with a basement and/or attic. My Tranquil Mechanical Yeti needs a backyard to play in with trees and a fence.

Please tell me I'm not the only one who has this problem. I have so much crap I don't know with what to do (eat that preposition trying to finagle that sentence).

I spend the day spring cleaning. In WoW.

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