Sunday, August 16, 2009

Stupid Nubs: Brodlan, and Bbcami update

To go along with gold spammers and farmers accosting me often, I tend to run into idiots on a regular and severely painful basis. Let's start a new series I'm calling Stupid Nubs, where ignorance is our entertainment and their stupidity is their folly.

I begin with Brodlan, a level 14 Druid of the guild Cannibal Club. The fact that he's a cow in a guild called Cannibal Club makes it already quite funny.

I was on my bank toon, Run, selling items and buying items when I get whispered.

I hoped that he was. Sadly, he wasn't.

I have a problem with ignorant people. I'm professionally an educator, solely devoted to the enrichment and furthering of young minds in academics. I sought to give him culture, but mind you, it is a game, so epeens persist.

I have my DK gear on me. I never deleted it, despite needing the bag space. I have him follow me then within an instant, I am fully geared, a health pot later and I'm up to nearly 5k health.

I put the seed of “Your kind tires me,” in hopes he'd grab at it and I could rightfully snap, but he doesn't, and the hammer remains fanned back.

By his kind, I mean boisterous, idiotic people who spout forth every thought and think that their perspective on everything is the right one. With his simple “and?” statement, I knew I was in for a particularly interesting conversation. People like him are the reason why bad pop music is considered good and Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag are still in existence.

He get's half credit, for being midly coherent.

I /lol'd. On a personal note, I need to type better. If I'm going to be an elitist prick I need to make sure I'm infallible.

I still have no cock. Best. Comeback. Ever.

Because you can so hack the WoWzerz.

FUCK IT! I concede! He's got me! He's fucking got me pinned, 10 seconds, I am done!

You know what my fear is? People like him fail upwards in life. He's going to be a politician or a stockbroker when he grows up. By all means, my readers, please, destroy him. If you see him, berate him and make him go Alli, so I can camp his ass.

On a side note, Bbcami, the really nice gold farmer, messaged me some time ago. I've been meaning to tell you all, but I've been really busy.

She's always whispering me now when she gets on, it really is nice of her. Then, on an off day, I went to Durotar and found her. She had to make another character because the account with the character Bbcami got banned for obvious reasons. She was on Kbcami when I went to see her.

We hung out for a little while then I asked her, “Hey, you ever get bored and just, you know, want to play the game?” She actually responded with a yes, and despite having to spam people, because that's what she was paid to do, I went with her around the Valley of Trials and killed stuff with her!



Yea, that's right. I made a gold spammer level. I rock worlds.

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Hydra said...

Only you my fine looking elf friend would actually help a gold farmer level. *smacks forehead*