Saturday, September 19, 2009

Stupid Nubs: Allbino

On this edition of Stupid Nubs we have Allbino, the beggar, from the guild ALL BEEF. So. Good.

Isn't he cute? Inorite. Enjoy the weekend folks! Pirate's Day and Brewfest! WOOO!

I'll be posting stuff on Cataclysm once I finish my papers and junk.


pilfkin said...

Ok so I'm seeing the irony your side (and excellent response btw, I still wish I had the nerve of my brother-in-law who happily opens up a trade window, inserts 1,000g and then watches as the tradee frantically clicks 'trade', I'm just paraniod that I'll click 'trade' out of habit...) but I can't *quite* get if he was also heavy on the irony soup. If he wasn't then it's 'aww bless' time. If he was somehow trying to be sarky, congrats, on the rare occasions I have convos like that I inevitably end up getting 'lol noob' (or [insert profanity here] comments) not getting thanked!

Oath said...

He was trying to be snarky. I'm sure he entertained though at a particularly different response than "go eff yourself, nub/" I strive to diversify the social playing field of the game through clever wit rather than glib remarks.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that's just priceless... love it!