Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Winner of Oath's BattleCry Contest, Pokemans, and NEW CONTEST!

LOL you procrastinators! My readers are just like me. Wait until the last minute. Or perhaps you guys didn't realize that there was a contest until just now, which is completely permissible. Despite that, I had five total entries. I took the names of the five, wrote them on slips of paper, folded them each in identical folding patterns, stuck them in a hat, mixed them up, pulled them all back out, wrote numbers on them, and then texted my non-bias, slightly indecisive, hot artist friend, Accio, to pick a number between 1 and 5. She picked 2. And your winner is:

AVARYSE! Hooray! Congo rats on your new plushie! Hit me up with a comment to this, Avaryse, with your choice of either the gryphon or wind rider, we'll play email tag for a bit about how you're gonna get it (oh, you'll get it all right, you'll get it hard), and in no time whatsoever, you'll be walking about Azeroth and IRL with your own cute and cuddly pet! Fucking crazy sauce, right? INORITE.

Honorable mention: Dino, way to rep the Horde, you've got the monitor I wanted, you're friggin' adorable, and thanks for unintentionally showing me mixpod off of your blog! Eric, you rock for having two screens of differing size on your desk, semi-steampunk headphones (or at least brass-colored ones), and the bitchin' sweet Trigun cat. Candice, should have took a pic with Velver's work laptop, lawl. Jkjk. And Agostini, your link's busted, but I still entered you in!

Thanks so much to everyone for submitting!

Now, what of the pokemans?

I bought Pokemon SoulSilver the other day for $2. How? Gamestop trade-ins and people loving up on me. It also helps to be friends with everyone in the store. As a result, I've been playing that quite a bit between work and going out. I'm sorry that I've been neglectful of the blog, but shit, when you've got to level Magikarp, you know you got some shitfest of grinding to do.

I'll be updating my progress in that game as well, just so you know what's up with my pokemoning.

Are you all ready for the new contest? Hmm? HMM?!


Here are the rules: There are two ways to enter for each submission, do both, and you get entered in TWICE. That's right! Do both ways to enter, and you get entered in the contest two sexy times. That's two chances to win. Two chances to rock this biotch. Two chances to make me so damn hot for you.

First way: Take a picture with Oathbreaker. No, not my alts. Not my bank toon. Me. Not someone else in my guild. No. With me. Oathbreaker. Take a photo with me. Not OF me. I want you to stand next to me, while both of us are facing forward, like a good, traditional photo, and screenshot that. If you're Horde, tell me you want a shot! Make it fun! We can /flex together! Or ride our motlcilks next to each other! Whatever you want! Just make sure it's with me!

The Alliance, is eligible as well, just be sure you take the picture WITH me, not of me. My dead body in WG doesn't count, neither does a front shot me with the back of your head, because you're looking at me. WITH me. K? k.

Second way (easier, I think): Take a picture of you saying “raping paper” to Fangore. Not hard, he's usually on. Can't miss him. All you need is him in the shot, with his name and guild name visible, and you saying "raping paper" to him. Of course he's not in on this, he has no idea this damn site exists. You can tell him if you want, I don't care.

Fun, yea? I think so. I'm always about making this even more fun. You know what? Let's do that. Let's make it more fun. Want a bonus way to win? Want two bonus ways to win? Here you go!

BONUS #1 way: Get into a verbal fight with Fangore and I'll enter you in the contest a third time! Show me screenshots of the conversation from the chat window and your name's in again!

BONUS #2 way: Win said verbal fight and get entered in the contest a fourth time! If I see pure pwnage in those screenshots, you get another chance at the prize!

So what is the prize? Depends. If you enter in the contest with only the two basic ways of entering, a photo with me and/or a photo of you saying “raping paper” to Fangore, you get a chance or two to win a sexy 60-day time card! That's right, two whole months of WoW on my tab. Do one or both of the bonus ways of winning, and you get the sexy 60-day time card AND your choice of either the Gryphon plushie or the Wind Rider plushie! DAMN STRAIGHT I MADE THIS DEAL SWEETER.

So thems the rules! Obviously, if you don't play on my server, you can make a Horde alt and accost me to take that photo with me or berate Fangore. Come to Farstriders! Say hi to me or insult Fuckgore! Take some pictures and submit them in the comments! Win sweet prizes! DO EET! Cut off date is Friday, April 30th, 2010, at 11:59PM. Get it in!


Anonymous said...

Congrats! Fantastic pic! I think Im going to do the same for my wallpaper for my computer. Too bad mine won't count. grr.


(Farstrider Warlock Horde)

Avaryse said...

Ah, the warm and fuzzies of returning from some internet outages to find... this!

Eenie meenie...

Wyvern, good sir! I'd feel like some kind of traitor if I picked a gryphon!

Email tag is always fun. Also, as I'm too tired to perform

Avaryse said...

Hilarity ensues when I realize/remember that using the pacman-mouth brackets (name escapes me! c'mon, it is 2am!) just makes things get eaten.

Thus, my other post is missing an "OMGSQUEE" and an "insert clever innuendo" type of thing. Stuff.


Anonymous said...

Here is my entry submission:


WartenX-Burning Legion said...

As I wasn't from this server, entering was a bit more difficult, but I stepped up to the challenge. Seeing as it was an RP server, I wanted to make sure I abided by the naming rules and whatnot, so I made Lolumadbro, an orc warrior. I got him to Dalaran, after a long ghost run (didn’t use a mage port). I thought that an RP realm would be…I don’t know, a more realistic fantasy type of world. I quickly found out that my preconceptions of RP realms were very incorrect! It’s more of a madhouse than Burning Legion (although /2 was a bit more tame).
Later, I found Oath in Dal, and we posed for a few pics.
Entry #1:
Using my epic MSPaint skillz, I added my Burning Legion main to one of those pictures.
I soon realized that Fangore was going to be harder to get access to.
Tracking someone down as a level 1 is difficult, but eventually, Fangore slipped up. He went in to VOA…and what does everyone do after VOA? Exit through the portal to the Violet Citadel. So I camped the portal waiting for him to exit, and sure enough he did. But he logged off too quick! So I waited at his log off spot for him to log on. Soon enough, he was back, and this time I acted quickly, since he liked to disappear into raids. I got him right outside of Violet Citadel.
Entry #2:
I tried to incite him to get in a verbal fight, but he seemed more keen to just not say anything, anyway here was our chat log. I find it especially lulzy that he spelled it wrong even in his response.
Attempt at Entry #3:
Sorry for the TL;DR post, but I wanted to share the fun I had getting these.

Alan said...

Oooooh yeeeaah.

Love Always,

Jaedia said...

Aww *sulks a bit* my reader's been borked for ages and I only got a new one a couple of days ago, and your competition is US only /whine :p

Anonymous said...'s time I finally said need to try getting a REAL life. I've sat by idly for 6months or so watching this blog go on and on....but ALL YOU EVER TALK ABOUT IS WOW! "Alliance nub that, gear this, raid here..." While I have to admit I was intrigued about the contest you went to, hearing about insulting alliance, the scrubs you meet, etc etc is quite old. Get a real website with whistles n bells + forum. It seems like only your real life friends even bother with this thing most of the time. LIFE IS PWNING YOU! TRY TO LIVE IT!

P.S. Ally, horde, no difference. I play both, I love both, I rape both. End of story.

Anonymous said...

I wonder who has less of a life: the person who writes a blog about WoW, or the person who takes time to write angry comments on such a blog.

Anonymous said...

Easy answer there. The person writing this blog has gone in depth about everything pertaining to their WoW life. So, not agreeing with what he said entirely, he is right. This is a bit much...