Tuesday, February 25, 2014

HBnBM, Streaming, Editorials, My Life on the Internet. Upvote and read plz!

I've been quite busy, and safe to say it's doing what it is that I love: being an absolute grump on games and reporting about it.

I've recently been working on my Twitch.tv channel, playing games I love and interacting with people all for the sake of entertainment, much in the way I've written on here. I joined a site called Headbang 'n Buttonmash, an editorial, news, and review site that focuses on heavy metal music and video games, and while I don't really listen to metal (really, not at all), I know games. The crew there is astounding, and I've loved every moment of working with them. I stream on their Twitch channel on Mondays at 9PM EST, if you ever want to check me out at a regular time.

I recently became an editorial writer for them, and I was wondering, the so few of you who still follow this blog, could you upvote me on reddit and read the article on hbnbm.com? That'd be super. Super duper.

I intent to do a full overhaul on this site, integrating more RPGs into it. My focus has broadened, but I still very much play WoW and will do so through Warlords of Draenor.

I am very much still Oathbreaker of Silvermoon. I am the Loremaster and the Right Hand of Gul'dan. My name is Ian. Hi. You look good. Let's talk.