Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Hillsbrad: Honeywell

She wrings her arms, as though a chill pervades the warm air of her coastal town only for her. Most days she's usually found in her loft, reading parchment and tomes of ancient text and new studies, hoping one day she could join the new ranks of the Kirin Tor and leave Southshore for good. She's always believed that there was magic in the world, that which laid beyond just seeing it. It wasn't about just casting spells or weaving the arcane, but having a faith in the things she could do.

Today, however, she wrings her arms. She stands at the northern path, where the town meets the road, and stares at the foggy hills. Seven years.

She wants to go home. She misses her friend.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

So hey...

I had every intent when I started this blog with the name and that neat little graphic up top to bring back my old twink guild, or at least chronicle all those past endeavors we've graced in legendary battles of 19 bracket in fully-modeled comic-genre representation; but as of recent events (a small expansion, model viewer sacking, my computer dying) I'm having a hard time doing the webcomic part of this. So let's just stick with the name because I like what it means to me (one day I'll tell that story) and make this somewhat the "Almost Evil" of the Horde, so to speak.

My name is Ian. In game I am Oathbreaker. Everyone just calls me Oath. Hi, how's it going. I really want to rock your world.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

The first post of DtC and I didn't even do it! Done by a talented artist and player Bludlemon of Zul'jin Realm. I promise I'll actually make one of my comics or write something and post it soon. :D