Thursday, July 30, 2009

Messing With Gold Farmers: Bbcami, and New Pets via Hydra!

On occasion people will impress you, even gold farmers and spammers. Here is one such case with Bbcami.

Despite a few attempts to see if I could get a rise out of this particular spammer, I found that in a complete farce on my part (to which, I am sad to say, might reflect some players, to whom I apologize forthwith and in no way am I intending to make light of such a predicament but merely trying to find some fashion in which I could exacerbate a situation), I had come to find that spammers can be genuine people who, in their own way, show charismatic empathy.

I was heading out to Grizzly Hills to fish up some salmon, and while in FP I get whispered.

I tried to quickly come up with something clever (I really should just start making a list of things I can say with gold spammers and keep it in front of me while I play) but all that came to mind was a recent wowbash I had seen. I'm sorry that I couldn't come up with anything original for this one.

What can I say? I'm only here for the bare necessities. Or since I'm heading to Grizzly Hills, the BEAR necessities? No? Okay.

Bbcami doesn't care about competition. She knows her product is good so she upsells no matter what.

Yea, I know, I'm a copycat.

Apparently she is too. Maybe they're trained to say that? I particularly think it's bad for business. Gold sellers should make it so their product can be easily distributed amongst the entirety of the populous rather than those who could afford purchasing their dirty money.

I retort.

Oh no, my dear Bbcami, you're not getting away from me that easily.

You'll teach me?

Hmm, that's where they must make the money then. They take begged-for gold and flip it on those that pay for it. Compelling evidence of ill-gotten gains!

Then she starts to have a conversation with me beyond business, which I find odd. I've never really seen a gold spammer take effort in the way she did. So I go along with it, lying my ass through. Again, my apologies for any coincidental happenstance.

I really really really want to get a job as a gold farmer/spammer/seller. Why? Just because I'd like to see how their immoral enterprise works and report back. Anytime I get a chance, I try to get my foot in the door.

Around this time, I can hear on vent that some guild members are working on achievements in 5-man heroics. The last thing most of them needed was one more boss and they get Northrend Dungeon Hero. They get it, about 20 achievements from guild pop on my screen, and my shit computer crashes and I don't get a chance to screencap some of the convo with Bbcami. Grats to my friends! Balls to the continuity of this blog!

So to paraphrase what I didn't happen to screencap, Bbcami then tells me that a fantasy world isn't a good substitute for the real world (pretend what I'm saying is in broken English, then it's like you're seeing the screencap), and that on occasion, she feels depressed too. But she never gives up hope and loves life and wants to keep going. I agree, but then my computer crashes because my guild is so goal oriented.

I reboot quickly, log back in, and I message Bbcami.

I am a liar, I know. I recall an author once said that all writers are liars. I fancy that statement.

Good gracious it's pathetic that I'm acting pathetic. Honestly, I apologize.

Seriously, that was really sweet of her. What if I had the misfortune and fizzled social life I had created for myself? In such a projected situation, Bbcami succeeded in showing a willingness to going beyond the business of annoyance and truly display particular human modicums of empathy and compassion. Knock on wood, forgive my lying, and I hope that I haven't greatly offended anyone in the process, but truly, Bbcami did something that was immensely unexpected.

I did add her to my friends list and I hope I could talk with her again and possibly tell her the truth. I honestly do feel bad for lying about it now because she had been so nice. I guess I share this not to display the usual awkward hilarity that comes from dealing with gold spammers, but to show that people, genuine people, play this game, either for ToS-illegal businesses or for fun, and that it isn't so closed off and individually-minded.

On a lighter note:

Thank you Hydra for rocking my socks off with new pets! I gave her all the horde ones as an even trade, and in the future we'll be having more pet switchies. She's my fave Alli! :D

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Wowhead Tooltip Test

Test time. Trying out the Wowhead Tooltip script for blogs.

The Soulblade is my new Main Hand. I got it a while ago.

I've always wanted a Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker.

My fishing reward today was 2 Elixirs of Water Walking, a Porcelain Bell, and some Deviate Fish.

Edit: Doesn't work in the preview, but works just fine after publishing. Awesome! :D

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Messing With Gold Farmers: Jurkzertliy

So I'm leveling my paladin, Oneironaut, and I get a whisper from a spammer.

Gold Farmers, you silly little bitches. Why must you be so tenacious? Even after China tried to pass a law against you, here you are, knocking at my door, wondering if I need your sweet, sweet lovin'. You haven't any idea what I'm about to do. I'm going to show you. So. Hard.

It occurred to me, not too long ago: what if they were met with the competition? What would they do?

Don't flatter me, Ivy. Hey, let's get her in on the fringe benefits of my operation!

Ho-ho! Waving a big one there, ey, Ivy? Your monetary girth got challenged? 40k not that impressive to you because you've got that money in the bank, huh? Fine. Play hardball, I'm gonna toss you a curve.

At this point, I'm trying my best to keep chatting her up, asking her if she's there or if she would like even a single stock in my company. No dice.

Velver gets on the vent after his raid. During the conversation I was having with "Ivy," Form gets accosted by the same Gold Spammer. I tell Velver, he knows about my blog, so he wants to mess with her too. So I give him the name and he whispers her:

He asks me what BS website I gave.

At this point she must know we're shitting her, and Velver let's me know. I urge him on.

She decides to play along, and I tell Velver to keep going. Hell, I tell him to start saying outlandish crap.

Sure, it's not exactly what I said earlier, but it's good. Makes me look like a delusional farmer myself. 100k my ass. I tell him, "Don't hold back."

Yea, that's not holding back.

She must be all about getting a new job. Skills to pay the bills!

ROFL...too far? Yea, maybe juuust a little.

The #4 Best Way to Get a Gold Farmer to Stop Talking to You: creep them out.

Thanks Velver and Form for the assist! If anyone out there has an idea of how to mess with a Gold Farmer and they'd like me to try it out, put it in the comments, and I'll give it a shot.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

I saw some fireworks.

Hey, sorry for not saying a hell of a whole lot lately, been somewhat busy with distractions of social affairs and work related fluff. Priorities, priorities.

I'm currently eating a brownie and drinking chocolate milk, reading about engineering changes in 3.2. My paladin's going to be able to have an AH in Dalaran. Sweet. I still think it'd be sweeter if they lowered the price on the motorbike. Hey, Blizz? No? K.

A few guild changes and I'm rather sad, but hopeful, for the future of me and my friends. Symphony of Pain, our brother guild, recently acquired three of Love Machine's most affluent players, all really close friends of mine IRL. I hope Velver, Kristanthia, and Form succeed and do well for the Symphony. While they aren't too far away, I am sad to see them go. They have alts in our guild, but it still sucks to see founding characters move on. Get them phat lewts!

IRL, today I had a good dinner at an Italian restaurant with my cousins, then we went downtown and saw the fireworks display. We stopped in for drinks at the local speakeasy (it was actually labeled just so, quite charming), then called it an early night. Very relaxing, had a wonderful time.

Hope everyone had a nice 4th here in the US, and I'll be sure to update sometime in the week, and hopefully with a comic! :D