Sunday, July 5, 2009

I saw some fireworks.

Hey, sorry for not saying a hell of a whole lot lately, been somewhat busy with distractions of social affairs and work related fluff. Priorities, priorities.

I'm currently eating a brownie and drinking chocolate milk, reading about engineering changes in 3.2. My paladin's going to be able to have an AH in Dalaran. Sweet. I still think it'd be sweeter if they lowered the price on the motorbike. Hey, Blizz? No? K.

A few guild changes and I'm rather sad, but hopeful, for the future of me and my friends. Symphony of Pain, our brother guild, recently acquired three of Love Machine's most affluent players, all really close friends of mine IRL. I hope Velver, Kristanthia, and Form succeed and do well for the Symphony. While they aren't too far away, I am sad to see them go. They have alts in our guild, but it still sucks to see founding characters move on. Get them phat lewts!

IRL, today I had a good dinner at an Italian restaurant with my cousins, then we went downtown and saw the fireworks display. We stopped in for drinks at the local speakeasy (it was actually labeled just so, quite charming), then called it an early night. Very relaxing, had a wonderful time.

Hope everyone had a nice 4th here in the US, and I'll be sure to update sometime in the week, and hopefully with a comic! :D

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