Thursday, July 9, 2009

Messing With Gold Farmers: Jurkzertliy

So I'm leveling my paladin, Oneironaut, and I get a whisper from a spammer.

Gold Farmers, you silly little bitches. Why must you be so tenacious? Even after China tried to pass a law against you, here you are, knocking at my door, wondering if I need your sweet, sweet lovin'. You haven't any idea what I'm about to do. I'm going to show you. So. Hard.

It occurred to me, not too long ago: what if they were met with the competition? What would they do?

Don't flatter me, Ivy. Hey, let's get her in on the fringe benefits of my operation!

Ho-ho! Waving a big one there, ey, Ivy? Your monetary girth got challenged? 40k not that impressive to you because you've got that money in the bank, huh? Fine. Play hardball, I'm gonna toss you a curve.

At this point, I'm trying my best to keep chatting her up, asking her if she's there or if she would like even a single stock in my company. No dice.

Velver gets on the vent after his raid. During the conversation I was having with "Ivy," Form gets accosted by the same Gold Spammer. I tell Velver, he knows about my blog, so he wants to mess with her too. So I give him the name and he whispers her:

He asks me what BS website I gave.

At this point she must know we're shitting her, and Velver let's me know. I urge him on.

She decides to play along, and I tell Velver to keep going. Hell, I tell him to start saying outlandish crap.

Sure, it's not exactly what I said earlier, but it's good. Makes me look like a delusional farmer myself. 100k my ass. I tell him, "Don't hold back."

Yea, that's not holding back.

She must be all about getting a new job. Skills to pay the bills!

ROFL...too far? Yea, maybe juuust a little.

The #4 Best Way to Get a Gold Farmer to Stop Talking to You: creep them out.

Thanks Velver and Form for the assist! If anyone out there has an idea of how to mess with a Gold Farmer and they'd like me to try it out, put it in the comments, and I'll give it a shot.

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Hilary said...

Okay okay...I think you should counteract them by posing as the only other person who randomly messages: the guy looking for a date. A lot of the farmers say they are women (true?) and I know Manaril gets hit on ALL THE TIME by random people...I think you should try to make a baby or something with one of these farmers, hehe