Sunday, January 10, 2010

Acetaminophen and Caffeine: inc

I'm at the World of Warcraft: MLG Orlando Championship at the Gaylord Palms. I shit you not. Neilyo is here (not playing), Orangemarmalade, Snutz, Flexx, and some other rocking characters. Got to talk to Snutz yesterday about warlocking. Twas cool. Will talk with more of them today and even have photos.

So incoming update tonight or tomorrow, provided I get shit done at the hotel today. has all the action streaming live, and perhaps you'll see yours truly wandering in the background. Check out full rosters of players on the website as well.

So far:
Best healer - Toes of Complexity Black
Best CC: Snutz or Venruki of Complexity Red
Best DPS: Snutz

My gold's on either Complexity Red or Button Bashers. Snutz is my hero. Orangemarmalade intimidates me.

Also, just for the giggle factor, watch the stream for commentary at the very least, because hearing the announcers go, "The Koreans are unstoppable," makes me laugh.

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Cyrus said...

wow, i need to google these toon and see what they are all about. glad you had a good time. cant wait to see pic