Saturday, January 23, 2010

Stupid Nubs: Fangore again

Fangore's e-peen is so huge, I had to make a post.

Scrubbs and I have gotten quite a money-making scheme going with the production of Mechano-hogs and selling them on the weekends to would-be bikers. I tried getting a head start on One yesterday and Fangore, the genius birthday girlfriend raping paper guy, chimes in. I didn't get screenshots, sorry, but what follows is just about what was said.

Fangore: Oneironaut, I've never heard of you or your guild before. (My guess, him trying to derail my trade channel exploits)
Me: And the internet has heard of you and your raping paper.
Peanut Gallery #1: LOLWUT
Fangore: wtf u takin bout
Peanut Gallery #2: I'm not going to some site called dressed to cuddle, probably porno
Fangore: ur dumb
Me: seriously though, thanks for making me famous.

I take the effort to whisper him. That, I get a screenshot of.

Dude. Really? REALLY?! You arrogant prick.

Who gives two shits if you're supposedly one of the best warriors on the server? It's Farstriders. Last I checked, we're neither top server for raiding OR RPing. I don't think you get what I've done to you. There are people laughing about your degree of retarded in Australia, not the quality of your gameplay. Stroke your e-peen harder because your righteous arrogance will never suffice as vidication for the intellectual damage I have set forth to smite you with. You are target one and I am the F-Bomb. From now on, any chance I get, I am going to call out your dumpy ass for every single misgiving you commit on a public channel.

To reiterate, I am an asshole. I just found my dumbass to splatter my shit on.


Maebius said...

So I have been browsing this blog for a whiel now, and never noticed "One iron Nut" as a character name for you. :)

I'm a Farstrider local as well, in Symphony of Pain. Was kinda cool to have a "hey, I know that name" moment outside of the game.

Maebius said...

Update (since I submitted first comment with a foolish tab-over instead of enter for a new line)

I read through RSS feeds, thus, never actually went to the site itself for more than a few moments. It's so obvious, looking at it now, that Oath = Oathbreaker = someone from my server.
That's TWO 'famous' people I read on hte blog-o-sphere. (Mania's Petopia is the other)