Monday, February 1, 2010

Dungeon Deserter: I want your justification. No, I demand it.

Explain to me something, you self-righteous tool. What makes it okay for you to judge someone based on their appearance? How is it justified that, after one look, you can conceivably conclude that someone wearing less than epic quality items in this random dungeon you've queued up for is going to waste your precious time and you'll take a 15 minute debuff instead of dealing with what you believe would be an utter failure?

It's people like you that make elitism an undying trend.

I don't get it. We're in this together and we should ideally be helping each other out. How the fuck is it alright to take 15 minutes out of using the Dungeon Finder because you saw your DPS with two or three greens? Are you going to be the factor that is going to perpetuate the difficulty of getting gear? Are you letting the “ignorance is bliss” mentality supersede your inability to help your fellow man? If you're not going to help, you figure, “fuck it, I'll skip this shit,” wait for a while, then try again and again and again UNTIL you get what you believe will be a worthwhile group. How do you live with yourself?

Are you the sort of prick who raises a child, sees that they aren't the sharpest crayon in the box, and, rather than help them succeed academically, have another fucked-up flipper baby in an attempt to see if that one's smarter?

Are you the douchenozzle that goes to a store checkout lane with 26 items in the 10-items-or-less aisle where the new cashier is, then give them a hard time when they're not sure how to ring up your difficult purchases with all your asshole coupons and ridiculous loophole-scamming, store-policy-exploiting bullshit?

Are you the tremendous cunt who drives 25 miles over speed limit in the construction zone passed the teenager who just got her license yesterday, cutting her off, putting her in a panic because she wouldn't get out of your way in time, causing her to careen headlong into a cement mixer?

It's sickening to think that this sort of attitude can be reflected in actual society and not just in game. They should put a ramping debuff instead of a flat 15 minutes, like the respeccing penalty increase. Charge them gold, time, and actual money because Mister Impatient Monkey Fuck couldn't deal with the fact that some people need to reach the standardize caliber through help and genuine camaraderie. Give people the benefit of the doubt and they usually impress you.


Jaedia said...

These people forget that they were the ones once upon a time sporting greens and blues, trying to get themselves badges.. Impatient Elitist fuckbricks.

Cyrus said...

Haha. We just discussed this the other day. Yes, I am the one of many who either get kicked out of a group or someone in the group leaves bc I don't have the gear good enough to fit their needs.

You are so right, Oath!

Your quote:
"Are you the sort of prick who raises a child, sees that they aren't the sharpest crayon in the box, and, rather than help them succeed academically, have another fucked-up flipper baby in an attempt to see if that one's smarter?"

Brilliant analogy to the problem we face. PUGing is something I enjoy doing, and there are many out there do also. We may use it to understand the realm of dungeons and instances or use it for leveling; but none-the-less, it is disrespectful for anyone to be kicked out of a group. Also, it is really insulting for someone in the group to leave because they don't feel like wasting their time.

Blizzard should make those who leave prematurely be penalize greater than 15 minutes. It should be an hour.

The audacity of these idiots. I go out in the world and I get whispers for help. If I have the time, I typically help them out because I can remember times when I had help from other with certain quest. I always try to be helpful so that it could be return 10-fold. I must assume that these jerks had a perfect record and fully geared when they started out playing WOW.

We newbies aren't up to speed with the ever evolving changes we see on WOW. Its bad enough trying not to get killed. I just wish these idiots have some patience. I know Americans have the habit to be complacent and short on patience, but this is a freaking game. It should be an escape from the real world. I expected them to check that at the door before they start playing WOW.

It's not fair for others, like myself, who play this game as a recreation; while others who think this game as life and death.

I wish these morons get a fucking grip!

Great blog and thank you for bringing this issue out to the open.

オテモヤン said...


Candice said...

I totally agree !!!

They're also the ones making life a lot more difficult for those that are patient and willing to help others.

Side note: You have porn being linked in your comments.. as if the random "SEX" link wasn't obvious...

vandra said...

I love you!