Thursday, February 11, 2010

Selling the Hog: It doesn't really work

After obtaining my own Mechano-hog and finding that Primordial Saronite was the AH crack, making a few more hogs wasn't hard. I helped get my friends and fellow guildies, Scrubbs, Freing, and Mooj, get theirs, but once the cash started piling up, hell, why not, let's make an extra one and see if someone buys it.

Made a macro.

“/2 WTS [Mechano-hog], new bike smell, streamers sold separately, PST with offer.”

I thoroughly enjoy it when people would proffer me with their queries on Trade Chat itself when I said “PST.” You're all a bunch of shitty readers who don't understand commonly used acronyms. I hope you get a curable but severely unpleasant venereal disease. I hope it burns.

The whispers began innocently enough:

I honestly didn't care what I got for the damn thing, so long as I at least got some profit beyond the 12.5k I spent to make it. I made 18k my going rate if people asked, knowing well enough that it was somewhat high, but only trying to BS calculations to see if people would take the high sale and try to haggle down.

The following whisper is entertaining enough, and Jt makes a good point. I try hard-selling him on 18k, just to see if he'll budge. I honestly believe him more than I believe myself, but gold is gold, and there's snake oil in my blood.

Still, the offers came, and still, they got funnier.

And the winner, Bleedinggums:

Thanks Trade Chat and the peanuts for all their good humor! Perhaps I'll do something fun with the server and the extra Mechano-hog in the future. Maybe have a contest or something. We'll see.

Random screenshot:

Hydra, you cutie. Don't go AFK, it feels like rape when I'm loving up on you and you don't move or respond. Especially when four of us surround you.


Hydra said...

I was skird to move. So I played AFK.

Vhox killed me while I was going to ICC. ... apparently I was still flagged PvP from WG. I was summoning and life tapping infront of the door.

Yea... a lock going below 5K health was to tempting for that DK.

Ratshag said...

Dude, for 18k I expect streamers. And trading cards in the spokes!

Velver said...

I'll give ya 200g for it.