Monday, February 15, 2010

Screwing with Hunters: The Quantity Check

Yes, I'm that fucker who sells hunters only ONE arrow. No, not a stack, not a half stack, not even a stack of ten. Just the single arrow. And you pay 7g for each.

I'm not sorry. Check your stacks. QQ your pewpews. I'll keep on laughing, you silly hunters.

Random Screenshot:

I missed messing with gold spammers/farmers.


Maebius said...

I'll share a pint of Darkmoon Reserve with you. My bank alt made a good 1k gold by buying a full stack of arrows and bullets, then selling them off in small groups.
Then I warned a friend not ot buy my own "underpriced" ammo auctions and got a stern warning from guildies to make sure I NEVER do that on my guilded mains ever. So I stopped.

Plus, prices went from 30g a stack to the aforementioned 6, so it was less 'fun' to do.

Hydra said...

Hey! That gold seller is selling gold form my guild bank! It is warlock cursed caused by theft. One of my friends DKs had access to the guild bank.

It is kinda funny. I didn't even know anything was gone until I got an email from a GM saying "Here is your Gold Ore x10 back!"

Cyrus said...

how come you are the lucky one. haha. good for you. it shows people dont look, listen, and understand what the other is conveying. i call it personal responsibility. you are just exposing the stupidity of ignorance. good for you.

Jaedia said...

If there was a zero after the 1 I'd be pissed, people who sell in stacks of 100 are dicks, very easy to miss the extra zero when you're half asleep. (luckily I check BUT STILL) But people who fall for 1 arrow? Aha..ha..ha.. fail.