Saturday, January 2, 2010

Stupid Nubs: Takiel of Wyrmest Accord

Happy New Year! Let's start off 2010 with a douchebag!

I was running Heroic HoR with a random pug and my friends, Scrubbs and Mooj. We're not doing so well, as most of the instance requires quite a bit of synergy to actually work out. Understanding your capabilities is important to successfully winning the fights, and apparently Takiel of Wyrmrest Accord thinks his sauce isn't the weak ingredient in our stew of fail.

Our first wipe on Falric ended up being because Mr. Shamanface was overwhelmed. We had just went through four waves, Falric starts swinging, and he's at 25% mana and everyone is at 50-60% health. He's trying his best to compensate for Hopelessness, which stacks and becomes the bane of healers and DPS. Of course we go down, our feeble little troll doing his best to top us all off for Falric's mean fear. It came down to the final few swings and then we lost our last man. Fair enough, it's okay, just push harder. He makes a demand, not a suggestion or even a polite request, for us to stack so he can use chain heal. Okay, feeling obliged to my healer, I listen.

We fight through the waves, and again, we're down to about 50-60% health partywide and he's down to about 30% mana by 5/10. Hopelessness is stacking, but I don't see one chain heal go off. He's popping off lesser heal all over the party, but he doesn't seem to be healing himself. Of the five of us, he is one of the first who goes down. Eventually we wipe, just swings away from downing Falric. The hunter, probably frustrated, leaves. Takiel then has the tenacity to say this and then he leaves:

Note to asshole: I have a blog.

First off, I didn't see one damn chain heal despite me doing what you asked. Cast your healing spells and we live, don't cast them, and we die.

Second, L2H. Have in the back of your mind priority of healing, so you're not wasting your heals on expendable people. I'm DPS, if I die, it's probably my damn fault. I've come to terms with that. There are two people in a five-man who can't die: you and the tank. You were one of the first to die. Last I check, Life Tap affects me, not you. I don't give two shits if I die, nor should you.

Third, let's look at your gear:

No mana, huh? Sounds like a personal problem there, totemfucker. 20K mana is hardly what I'd call enough, and don't you have several abilities that get mana back? Isn't there a shield you can cast or some silly little butt-plug you can throw down?

By the way, where the shit is your tier gear? Even that has some severe upgrades for your anemic mana pool. Maybe it might even give you an extra piece bonus that makes you less of a DPS reject.

Wearing elemental gear and speccing down a tree doesn't make you a healer, nor does it warrant the comment you made. It gets you noteriety in my battlegroup as an ugly bitch.

Happy New Year. Your resolution, play DPS.


Takiel said...

Takiel here. Thanks for showing me to your blog. As a comment on the subject "I do agree with him. I was not geared enough for HoR as far as healing goes. For those that don't know, I was working in HoR when he contacted me about this blog, as a DPS. So pretty much everything he said was true. After putting up with a buncha failed instances this night, I took out my frustration upon him. Healing the instance was rough for me and Lifetap just made things worse, so I felt I had to say something as I left. Not the smartest thing and didn't help yes, I am a douchbag."

Hydra said...

Oath... So wait ... did you finish it??!! You have to actually tell me you finished it cause I am to blunt to assume anything like that. *grin*

I didn't know Mooooooooj was around. I will have to bug you all later.

Liyhe said...

O.O lifetap makes things worse??? LOL.

I do agree HoR can be rough....especially without the right gear and teamwork.

Although I know lifetap can scare healers...its easy to deal with, throw and HoT on them if you got one. and the lock abuses it let em die! :P

hmmm...looks like I am in the same battlegroup as ya'all. Maybe will see one another in a group! lol.

C. said...

I was going to apologize for our server, but it seems Takiel beat me to the punch and apologized for himself.

Hopefully I will finally get my gear up to a point where I'll random into HHoR and maybe, like, see you. hurr.

Gloim said...

Hmm...20k mana doesn't seem all that anemic to me? My holy priest has just over 21k in full emblem T9, and I feel like I have a hard time blowing through that in anything other than a HoR group that has gone *horribly* wrong.

Sounds like it was less a matter of this guy's gear and more that he was having trouble managing his mana.

Anonymous said...

What a fuckbag. Warlocks should know better than to lifetap if the healer is having mana issues as it is...Reroll your class and try making a website not based around WoW. How about a real job for starters?