Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Said I'd Be Back...

Okay, consider that last one a lie. I'M A BIG DAMN LIAR. That's kind of okay though, because I've been busy with stupid IRL crap and now I can really focus on the most important thing in life: LVLZ, OMG. So I have hopes. Dreams. Aspirations. A credit card. And I'm about to get Guild Wars 2. The anticipation for this game has been mounting, and I'm bandwagoning so hard that I think I might even attempt to drive this sonofabitch for PvP. Yeah, when MOP comes out, I'll be there, being the big dick raider that I never was and getting my blood-letting kicks in GW2, so it'll be a simultaneous concoction of rum and vodka (which, in my book, both suck, because the gaming industry has yet to make my whiskey or scotch. EAT MY ANALOGIES). Where have I been since March? Day Z. Yeah, that's right, you might see me running around with the handle "[D2C] Oath" or just simply as "Ian," probably running full clip through Cherno or Elektro. Won't see me at any airfield without a buddy. Definitely shooting you up in a forest. Definitely on the other end of your hacking pistol. Douche. Though I have been recently fed up with all the alpha turds wiggin' code at me just to get their high-and-mighty jollies off. APB Reloaded. I got sucked into the frustration of this pay2win MMO (, more like MDSF, Massive Dick Swordfight). Playing with the people who populate those servers is like going back to second grade and trying to sling rhetoric. COMPLETELY lost on all of them, and hence you have to get down on their level, saying Timmy's a dookiehead, and now you're just another retard like them. More time wasted. Skyrim. Fuck. Drinking. This is coming from some angry stupor right now. What's up reality?! There's my rock glass. GOODBYE RELAITY. LAWL. WoW. I literally check in to make sure I'm still guild leader. ROFL. Sorry, seriously, I'll be really super back at expansion, though expect a lot of GW2 posts soon, maybe even a reawakening of my youtube channel. For now, I'm going to shake the dust off my MasterCard and make a poor decision. I'll talk to you guys soon. Hopefully. Probably not.

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