Sunday, December 13, 2009

Acetaminophen and Caffeine: Ears are ringing, pugging, and my new house

Sonamabitch, I haven't been to a club in a while. I need to get out more. My ears are still ringing, my lower back feels like puddy, and I'm pretty sure I'm missing my left eye. Shit, that music was awesome.

So who's loving the new LFG system? Cassandri kind of does, but not entirely.

I fucking love it. I've been fairly slutty with it. Oath has gotten two new T9 pieces through it, Oneironaut got one new piece of T9 a few days ago as well, and hell, I've been leveling Qi with it and it's been working out really well.

In Emberstorm battlegroup, seems that most tanks are DKs and paladins, and they all have over 40k health. The average DPS runs about 3k, the most I've seen without AOE was 5.8k, single target, from a warrior. Healing is a yawnfest, and Oneironaut has felt it too, as the tanks are ridiculously well to do. Only in the new instances have I, or any other healer I've been with, had some trouble. I have had only ONE bad group. Seriously. I'm so amazed at the knowledge in a general scope of players in my battlegroup. The one bad run was Occulus, naturally, and there were three people in the group who'd never been there. It was the first time with the new system that I have had to give instructions. Most of the time its “hey, hi, hello,” then a silent and ridiculously fast run. When everything is dead, everyone says “thanks for group, great job, see ya,” and that's it. The system is up for nigh on a week, it's sound and efficient, and I am severely impressed.

Another thing I noticed is an armor proficiency spectrum. I'm not sure if this was implemented in the game deliberately, but I've not been in a group that hasn't had at least a cloth wearer, a plate, and either a leather or mail user. Hypothetically, this would be me, as my warlock, a paladin tank, a DK DPS, a hunter, and a druid healing. Next pug is a priest healing, my warlock, rogue, elemental shaman, warrior tanking. The diversity in each group is really amazing and is implemented well. I'm drinking less in the afternoon because of it.

Enchanting mats come out of these things like a smashed-in vending machine. While suckers are buying my infinite dust at 5-7g a piece, the dust stock continues to rain down from the heavens in the pug groups. I have so many dream shards, I built a house outside of Orgrimmar.

Blogs to write in the week:
~ Kosei meets someone new
~ 3.3 lock gear, update epic gear list
~ Fresh 80's do what now?
~ Alignment, damn, wish we had it

Stay safe, drink lots, and remember, if she doesn't drop the pants today, just wait until the instance unlocks and try again tomorrow.

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Jaedia said...

My bad group was Pit of Saron actually, and one in normal Old Kingdom on my 74 warlock. Generally it's been ok, couple of douches but nothing worth crying over.

Forgot the rest of my comment *goes off to sleep in a corner*