Sunday, December 6, 2009

Acetaminophen and Caffeine: TNB, screenshots of gnome-lovin', and Dwarf RP

Let's start a new regular. Each week, early Sunday morning, I'm going to force my lazy ass to get up and write. As a result you get a particular type of Oath, different in the sense that, usually, I have a bad hangover and feel like I need to barf. From now on, you'll get a weekly dose of my morning breath. I'll call it Acetaminophen and Caffeine, because there's no better breakfast.

Remember a while back I presented the hypothetical idea of RPing?

Hypothetical my ass. Meet Kosei, and her awesome bear, Curtis. Sorry Jaedia, I already have a pally, didn't really want a repeat, so I went with a class I knew the least about.

I have a few rules for myself when playing Kosei. I want to adhere to them as best I can, so as not to muddle anything about the character experience I'm attempting to have.

No General Chat, Trade Chat, or Whispers. I want an authentic experience, where face-to-face interaction is the only interaction I'll have. I'll treat LocalDefense as kind of a warning call, should the Horde try to attack. If I join a guild in the future, Guild Chat will only be for functionality and general communication, but not for RPing. Party or Raid Chat, like Guild, will be reserved to working cohesively as a group. It's all going to be in Say and emotes for me.

No Battlegrounds. She's purely meant to tell stories. I don't intend to take her into any organized battle, but if I feel I can make a difference in world PvP, I'll participate. So maybe Wintergrasp, Halaa, and the like.

No AH. The only kind of gear I can get is from quests, vendors, and any dungeons I may do. Getting gear at the AH doesn't lead to an adventurous person, just someone who can buy rather than quest for it. I also can't sell on the AH. I have to earn money from just quests, drops, and selling to vendors.

Perhaps I'll institute more rules later, if anything happens to come up that might inhibit me or enable something I didn't foresee.

I joined Moon Guard realm, hearing it was the heaviest in RP, and almost immediately I saw this apparent fact.

I was in the starter area, finishing The Troll Cave, when a fellow dwarf hunter named Ysmir passed by and greeted me. I jumped right into character.

What a friendly gentleman! Our parting was short, to say the least. Returning to Anvilmar to give Felix Whindlebolt his shit back, I found Ysmir slowly walking through the entrance as I was leaving.

The fact that he was walking, rather than just running, really strengthened the fact that I had gotten myself into something by joining this server. I had never rightly thought that I would ever actively RP. It seems fitting, though, being a writer by practice. I also enjoy the lore of the game thoroughly, playing within the franchise of Warcraft since the first RTS came out. Deep down, this was an inescapable inevitability, but I guess it took a bit of personal debating to actually try it. RP tends to have this stigma: RPing a character, WoW or otherwise, is nerdy. It's not cool. I don't necessarily agree, but I can say I've thought that at one time. It is a level of nerdiness I never thought I'd ever get to, but honestly, I quite like being nerdy.

Though he yawned first, I initiated the conversation this time.

I felt kind of bad about my RPing thus far. I had been the one to cut off conversations each time I had one. I was trying my best to level as fast as possible; my goal was to get to 10-ish so I could get a pet, then questing could go by more smoothly once I got a buddy, and then, inherently, RPing would be easier because I'd be able to obtain the resources I needed to do so. I bolted through quests to Kharanos, and after I got a few more in town, I ran into Ysmir, yet again, on the path.

Yeah, I was getting into it. I was channeling my inner Scottish. Afterward, I didn't see much of Ysmir, but I grinded through to 11, then made my stand to get that silly bear. Died a lot, had to get the timing just right with the Concussive Shot and the tame, as Mangeclaw has that insufferable interrupt. Got him, though. Huzzah!

More about Kosei in the future, she'll be getting her own section, and I'll try to update her weekly as well. Now on to something else!

I was running around Dalaran when I saw the familiar triple ponytails of my favorite little gnome, Hydra.

I was in a group for the Daily Heroic, so while I waited for the leader to find a few more members, I flirted.

Seemed Hydra was AFK, so I waited a bit, eventually she came to.

Oh, okay. I should be expecting Iridium soon, then.

Orly?! I checked out TNB, and to my surprise, I was mentioned in the latest episode! At about 1:29:42, they start talking about yours truly, particularly my post on Ezthree. I mean, maybe they talked about me mostly because it was a slow week for posts, being Thanksgiving, but I got mentioned! YAY! Thanks to Nibs and Fim for being uber sweet, and to Hydra for the sexy heads up!

Finally, got a slight sucker on the AH:

Inspired by Greedy Goblin's Moron of the Week, I couldn't help but try it myself. I say "slight sucker" because there were ten auctions, and he only bought two. Rather than the current price for a stack of bullets (that's a thousand bullets) at 3g70s, I sold just ONE bullet for 2g. Sorry Tamu. Should have watched the quantity.

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Jaedia said...

1. Hunters are better than paladins anyway and polar bears are even better :D

2. Took me ages to read the creole (that's the right word isnt it?)

3. Erm... Oh! I used to have a little gnome friend before you could have horde and alliance on the same pvp server/account, we communicated purely via emotes, I miss him, little Imnotshort.