Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hunter v Lock

First, big welcome back to my great and wonderful friends, Kailynolivia and Nocpsyrn! I missed you oh so very much! Now I don't have to cry from severe loneliness when I play...uh, I mean, cry...because...I'm so damn awesome. Yeah. That's less pathetic.

So Saresa and Brigwyn Have lost their damn minds.

They've started a blogosphere class war. Apparently what had happened was that in an episode of THL Podcast, Brigwyn asked hunters to send in a screenshot of them misdirecting to a warlock. Saresa takes the misdirect and fires back, saying that warlocks, such as myself, need to unite, boycott The Hunting Lodge, and submit a screenshot of a hunter murder. Brigwyn retorts by insulting Saresa's pigtails.


This doesn't mean I'm joining you, Saresa. You are all crazy. I kill people equally (except rogues, I have them on priority kill, those facerolling retards). I don't need anyone to say something nasty to me. Though if you did say something nasty to me, it helps quite a bit in killing you faster.

Second, I like Saresa. In fact, it's safe to say I have a blogger crush on her. It should also be said that I have a blogger crush on Jaedia as well, and while she is a hunter who has voiced partial involvement (an involvement, which, I would assume, is only by persistence of class), I still want to make blood elf babies with her.

Kitchener, you so awesome.

Let's stop the senseless animosity. I say this partially because I already have the Pandaren Monk and I totally would have taken Brigwyn up on his screenshot-contest-thing and dusted off my level 46 orc hunter had I not a Pandaren, but c'mon, really, everyone just group hug! Here at D2C, it's all about the lovin'. Speaking of, Saresa and/or Jaedia, call me.

No more Hunter v Warlock. Just hold me.

Rogues suck. :x


Saresa said...

A blogger crush? Awww, that's so sweet! AND a picture of a Destruction Warlock, raining down ... well... death, destruction and chaos, what else.

Seriously... way to my evil little warlocky heart, right there.


Brigwyn said...

We haven't lost our minds.

We all got to go out and have some fun once in a while right? Why not just eliminate a Lock every now and then? :P j/k

It was a load of fun. :)

Jaedia said...

Haha, I love you just because you killed some tard called Moonknight, because seriously, what the hell xD