Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ensign, Status Report


And they went boom. :O

On November 13th, 2009, my computer, for three years, a faithful servant to my whimsical fancy in all things writing, photo-editing, and gaming, succumbed to senility and, inherently for his kind, became a paperweight as a result.

I have a corrupted boot sequence. My computer is a prefab from a company, so rather than being awesome and giving me Windows XP install discs, they gave me a recovery disc, which does not do the same thing. It restores OS problems from the hard drive itself, through a partition, therefore I have two options: restore destructive (wipes the drive completely), or restore backup (wipes the drive completely, saves only the settings, not the documents or installs). I've already had to do this once before, last December, the first time this hard drive crashed. The only way around it without losing anything on the hard drive is...well, there isn't any way around it. I have to wipe the damn thing. The recovery console is impossible to access.

I'm sure it doesn't help that I have two blown capacitors. Yup, I played with two blown capacitors for eleven months. I'll take a picture and show you guys sometime.

I'm writing this from my father's computer, a device made only for business spreadsheets, document printing, and Facebook surfing. Photoshop has not been installed on this PC, so I can't make hilariously funny screenshots or clever little banners of awesome. You've only my seductive words to keep you by in the meantime.

Safe to say I can't play WoW for a while, but that's okay. I'll be back in the game soon.

Pseudo-poll for my readers: If I were to, say, hypothetically make a character on a different RP server to actively roleplay with intent to create drama, heartache, ridiculous RP adventures, and overall hilarity, what faction, race, class, and spec should I be? Hypothetically of course, I wouldn't be writing a regularly updated log of this possible character in the future at all, should you reply with your responses so I could make him or her to write about. Nope, not going to make him or her at all, purely hypothetical.


Jaedia said...

alliance, female dwarf, paladin

Kells said...

Female dwarf is the only correct answer. They're terrifying.

Tim said...

How about we make a guild of lesbian dwarves??

I think that sounds like a winner.

pilfkin said...

I'd add my vote to the female, dwarf contingent as well :)

Suntiger said...

Pull the hard drive, use a SATA or IDE to USB dongle to hook it up externally to your dad's computer, copy everything off, put it back in, run the restore disc, pull it out again, copy everything back on. Problem solved.