Monday, November 9, 2009

Apple App Store Inadvertently Advertises Bloggers

Small update, mostly because I like when people get represented in places unexpectedly.

If you read my back log, you know that I have an iPhone. It's sexy, user friendly, has everything I want in a mobile device and more, and anyone advocating those "iPhone killers" over this well-made piece of machinery can swallow a knife.

I have a morning (afternoon) tradition when I wake up: check the iPhone systematically. I look at my email, which is pushed to the phone, there's a Facebook app, as well as my texts I gander before I even get out of bed. Once in a while I'll peruse the App Store to see if anything had been updated, or to look for new apps available that I might want (the free ones, I'm only going to pay for your silly apps, Apple, if they're unavoidably cool, like Bebot or Oregon Trail, and yes, Oregon Trail is awesome, you can shut your damn mouth about it, naysayer). This morning, I was looking abouts on the App Store, no updates, just browsing, and I decided, hey, Oathface, check out the WoW apps, maybe they have something cooler than just the Armory or a Murloc Soundboard (I don't believe they have one, just saying, that would be cool though). The vast majority of the WoW-related apps, as I've noticed, were mostly RSS Readers, tailored for certain interests among players, notably, class-specific blogs. I looked at a few. I saw links on the general Readers for sites like World of Matticus, MMO-Champion, and (seen as WoW Insider); but because I'm a warlock, naturally, I looked at the Warlock News App.

Two bucks for a feed reader? Nah, I'm cool. The only real difference between this specific app and the other class blog apps is preloaded RSS feeds. As a result, you're paying for a feed reader with a class theme. You can add and delete blogs at your liberty, so really, it boils down to the name of the class that is displayed at the bottom. I'll just get up out of bed and move the distance of stupid to the computer and read all of you bloggers from there. My stinginess outweighs my laziness. Though I didn't buy it, I still scrolled down to look at the screenshots.

Well look at that. Ain't that the bee's tits. I follow these five blogs, amongst others, for all my warlocking needs (sad to say YAWN and Draining Souls are decommissioned). Grats to Nibs, Dagpep, and my seductive gnome baby's mama friend, Hydra, for unpaid advertisement! I guess it's not really the App Store that advertises blogs, but LoL Software who does. So my title is wrong, but hey, got your attention. Sucker.

And as a postscript, thanks so much to Jaedia for her honorable mention on her sexy blog, and the others at Blog Azeroth for their warm welcome! Glad to be part of the WoW Blogosphere!

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Saresa said...

hehehe, thanks for the congratulations! (And Dagpep will appreciate getting credit for something for once in his miserable life ;-) )