Sunday, November 1, 2009

Messing With Gold Farmers Beggars: Killermanjac

This post will solidify one particular trait of my gamer personality: I am an asshole. I will openly admit, as a disclaimer, that I went out of my way completely to screw over this Rogue, Killermanjac. I try not to live my life with regret, in real life and in-game, so therefore, even in retrospect, I don't feel an ounce of guilt. With this in mind, on to the messing-withs.

I'd gone AFK on Oath, busy eating a messload of candy (anyone else notice the lack in the number of trick-or-treaters this year?) and watching the third replay of Night of the Living Dead on AMC, when I glanced over, Reese's smeared all over my face, to see this:

I think we can all agree that beggars are annoying. Usually, I don't do anything about them, but, in my sugar-addled mind and with the notion that I've been writing a blog for the last several months about Warcraft anthropology and sociology (my server is pretty much a bunch of chimps, save for a few of you, and I'm Jane Goodall), I had a twitch to mess with this sucker. Despite my twitch, I let it ride, seeing if he'd ask again or if he'd do something. He did:

I hate when other players would do that. I'm sorry, Dalrak, that you had fallen victim to this douchehat. Please, allow me to assist you.

He found me in Orgrimmar, then like a good little gold beggar, opened trade, no attempt to convince me to give him the gold, just another useless turd asking for another hand out. It also helped my irritation that he's a rogue. I fucking hate rogues.

He can has Cow Level.

Yes. That's right. I used Direbrew's Remote. He went in. That's a good beggar. Jump when I say jump. After about five minutes of silence, I leave party. After about another three minutes, he whispered me:

Kekekekekekekekeke. :P After another two minutes or so, to which, I assume, he'd gone into the room and destroyed the barrels, then had become accosted by some piss-drunk dwarves, I get a response:

To conclude: there is no Cow Level. No, I don't feel guilty. Yes, I am an asshole, but allow me to illustrate with another screenshot.


Tim said...

Nice job!

Anea said...


I am, of course, just as annoyed by beggars and have a seething hate of them. I will usually ignore them but will occasionally give them a tongue-lashing, depending on my mood.

But that, good sir, was above and beyond. I commend you.