Friday, November 6, 2009

Stupid Nubs: the AH Edition

Once again, another edition of Stupid Nubs for you today. This time, we hit the AH.

In lieu of my friend, Hydra, making gold up the wazoo, my blog-following as of late has been focused on places like Greedy Goblin, WoW Economist, and WoWenomics, all in an effort to give greater gravity and girth to my goldsacks (har har).

One of the posts suggested to put vendor-sold items on the AH. I like messing with dumb people, in fact, that seems to be all I write about. So I got on Runface and ran around TB purchasing things. Only a few, though, because in the likelihood I don't sell anything, I don't want to have a ridiculous surplus of Skinning Knives on me.

Of course we've all seen it: AH items that don't make sense. We don't buy them, who the hell would? Seriously, no one can be that stupid.

I grabbed stuff, mostly items you'd need for mats, posted them, and in a few days I found that, yes, there are actually people out there who buy vendor items from the AH.

That would be ONE Rune Thread. At a base price, no faction discount, of 50s each, I think I made a significant profit.

Again, just ONE Eternium Thread, not a stack, receiving a 350% profit. The fact that this guy bought three auctions of the same item makes me chuckle.

I decided, hell, why not, let's get ridiculous. I bought coal. Sold by most Blacksmithing Supply Vendors, 5s base price per piece of coal, I bought a stack for 47s 50c with faction discount on Run. I posted it for a ridiculous price.

Seriously? C'mon people. That's just retarded. IT'S FUCKING COAL. You paid me that much for coal?!

20 yards. That's all I have to say. I made a little more than a daily quest by moving 20 bloody yards.


Hydra said...

Aren't people fun. Loads of entertainment. *grin*

I actually think the distance of stupid is shorter... like a breath of air.


Icedragon said...

That's hilarious. For a while on Moon Guard people were selling reagents for outrageous prices until someone spoke up in Trade "You can get those from vendors for a few silver" and the market bombed. Wonder how that would turn out?

Gotta try this on my AH alt :)

Cyrus said...

This is one of your best blogs yet. Informative and funny

Anea said...

I have to say that I knew that selling recipes that can be bought at vendors was always profitable but it never occurred to me to post MATS - and for such a profit, too.

I'll have to try that one out...

Kells said...

I always knew people would buy the Obsidian Hatchling for a nice markup on the AH, but thread? Coal? Seriously?

I am vastly amused.